The finest manufactured sand

The finest manufactured sand

The finest manufactured sand

About Us

We need better buildings to develop and a more better environment to sustain. The natural river sand was the cheapest resource for concrete construction. But, the excessive mining of river bed has led to the ecological imbalance in the state. Sand available in the riverbed is very coarse and contains a high percentage of silt and clay causing early damage to the construction. Mica, coal, fossils and other organic impurities contained in river sand impact negatively on the strength, durability and reliability of the buildings.

TerraSand, the primary product from the infrastructural development company Aidan Group is the finest solution for your build requirement. Sourced from high-quality rock mines and processed with state of the art technologies, TerraSand oers superior standard and extraordinary purity thereby enabling the concrete buildings last long.

TerraSand is manufactured strictly following government guidelines and superior quality control checks, equally protecting mother nature and the interests of ever-growing construction industry.

The Core Values

We aim sustainable development so that our actions today should not inhibit the lives of future generations

Let us go global

Internationally, manufactured sand is being used for all types of construction as it gives better strength and its salient features ensure a significant reduction in cement usage. Also, it saves rivers, the veins of earth from illegal drudging

TerraSand Outstands

Longer durability, smooth surface texture and higher strength to concrete by overcoming deficiencies like segregation, bleeding, honeycombing, voids and capillary.

Physical and chemical properties withstanding environmental and climatic conditions. Safeguards environment from disasters like soil erosion, groundwater depletion, water scarcity, etc caused by riverbed excavation

Customer orientation

There is only a difference of T between SAND and STAND. TerraSand fills T to make that difference to affinity. We STAND close to the customers with respect to quality, values, care and responsibility. We strongly believe that trust is the fundamental factor of success and honesty is the road to progress

Teamwork & Integrity

A dedicated team with mutually complementing talents is our prime strength and our vision is extremely safe in its hands. We build trust on powerful integrity triangle with Honesty, Credibility and Equity as its vertices.


Zeal to excel in what we do and hard cum smart work towards our goal. Our commitment towards nature to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the opportunities of future generations. Passion to become one of the leading construction material manufacturer and supplier in the world.

In tune with nature

Conservation of nature lies beyond our tagline. Environmental protection is our primary motto with a strong policy safeguarding nature and future generations. Our vision and execution will be having a green signature aached to it. Let us hand over a better and safer world to the next generation.

Environmental Clearance

This is to inform the General public that the proposed quarry project at survey No. 200/1C of Belur village, Vellarikkund Taluk, Kasargod District, Kerala( Terrasand) being developed by M/s Aidan Group is accorded with ENVIRONMENT CLEARANCE by the State Environment Impact Assessment Authority, Kerala vide Order No. 1405 (A)/EC1/2019/SEIAA dated 06-03-2021 and the copy of the Environment Clearance is available with the office of the Department of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Kerala may also be seen on the website of the authority at

The capacity to grow

We will set up 10 Production units and Sales outlets across south India in next two years. Our First plant will commission at Kanhangad, Kasargod Dist by Apr 2020. Followed by Calicut, Cochin, Trivandrum, Mysore and Bangalore by the end of FY 20-21.

Due to heavy construction activities going on throughout the country, there is a huge demand for granite metals. unfortunately, the existing local units are unable to meet the requirements as per the schedule. The Indian construction market is expected to register a growth of 6% over the forecast period, 2019 – 2024. The infrastructure sector plays a vital role in the growth and development of the Indian economy. So the demand for quality sand will multiple in the coming years as an individual, commercial and industrial constructions are on the rise.

The major need for manufactured sand is due to the scarcity of quality river sand and the ever-growing development in the construction industry. Manufactured sand can effectively withstand the vagaries of nature. The proposed manufacturing project will fulfill its end uses in buildings, roads and other constructions like bridges. During the last few years, due to the sudden increase in real estate and infrastructural activities, the demand for quality sand has further enhanced in the country.

Nature friendly production

Our research and development team has coined a unique design by consulting all the most modern crushing technologies and the project does not have any atmospheric or soil polluting effects. We have an Eco and Environment-friendly manufacturing process that will protect our planet from exploitation and conserve natural resources.

Products are made from pollution-free processes, while waste is reduced through remanufacturing, reuse and recycling. Besides being a friend of the earth, we are reducing business costs through reduced energy use by adopting energy effcient practices that cut costs instantly.

The dedicated team

Every business has a beginning, and this venture has been continuously evolving with our strong bond and our bonding has got a strong commitment towards nature and future generations.

We are a partnership firm registered as ‘Aidan Group’, an Infrastructure Development Company, Having an office at Kannur, Kerala, India. We are six partners, All are highly qualified and experienced young professionals. we have a highly professional management team and we will ensure the satisfaction of each customer served by us.

You can trust us with our transparency, hard work and the zeal towards our goals.

Handshake with us

Aidan group cordially invite you to be a prosperous investor of TerraSand with an assurance of smart returns and smartest future.

The investment amount will be used for project development, team development, manpower hiring, project land acquisition and product promotion.

You will be our most reputed and respected investor. We assure trust and transparent approach by valuing you exactly like our partners.

A bonding you can
count on

Mining and Construction sector is one of the highest profit yielding business. Aidan is equipped with a highly professional the management team and we ensure the superior quality, as well as low cost of the material with the use of most modern crushing technologies and our quality team, will make sure the finest product for customer satisfaction.

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